Kometa Area 51, LUXURY Red Wine 750ml

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Kometa  Area 51, 750ml LUXURY WINE SELECTION

Mix of Cabarnet and Merlot. 750ml. Kometa Area 51Cab. & Merlot Category: Dry Red Wine, Alcohol: 14.5% alc. by vol. Grape variety: 75% Merlot & 25% Cabernet, Producer: Damianitza Winery , Bulgaria
This is an amazingly delicious dry red wine composition created by combining grapes from Merlot, and Cabernet  varieties. The special selection wine brings together the smooth delight of Merlot, great intensity ,full-body, enriched color and taste vitality of Cabernet. Created with love it is the wine of the thru Love enriching the senses with beautiful aromas inspiring gentle desires for tender and pleasure.


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