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Rosehip fruits - 100g 

Latin name: Fructus Rosae canina L. (Rosaceae)

Helps for hypovitaminosis, nephritis, diarrhea, stomach cramps, bleeding. Rosehips has browning effect and it is used in uterine bleeding, bloody diarrhea, anemia, fatigue the body. Rich in vitamins and carotene promotes tissue regeneration, the synthesis of hormones and increases the elasticity and enhances the capillary ocular activity. Applied with success in hemorrhagic diathesis, scurvy, diseases of the stomach and the heart, nephritis, liver and eye diseases. As rich in vitamins tool for nephrolithiasis, biliary diseases and as a diuretic.

Use: Internally as a decoction and infusion. 3 cups of tea per day

Preparation: 1-2 tablespoons fruits with 1/4 l of water boiled for 10 minutes. Serving as multivitamin in the following form: 1 l. of water boil 1-2 min., addsugar and 30 grams rosehips. Boil 5-10

Ingredients: rosehips fruits (100%)

bag 100 g

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