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ABH Honey Lozenges naturally and effectively soothe dry, tickley, and cranky throats. They are made using a patented process which freeze dries the honey, preserving the naturally high antibacterial and antioxidant properties of the honey. Drying the honey also removes all moisture and concentrates the honey, making it have up to ten times more antibacterial activity than regular Manuka honey. With the addition of a bit of Vitamin C, these lozenges are a natural way to stay healthy all year round.

Freeze dried honey lozenges; removing the moisture concentrates the antibacterial activity

ACTIVE honey contains high levels of antibacterials and antioxidants - naturally!

ABH stands for Active Antibacterial Honey; the significant health benefits can be measured scientifically

Manuka & Honeydew honey drops, flavored with natural lemon extracts

100% Natural (90% pure honey, 10% Vitamin C)

Size: 16 Lozenges per pack

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