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Chamomile flower - 50g

Latin name: Flos Matricariae chamomillae (Compositae / Asteraceae)

It has positive effect for: Inflammation and gravels and bladder inflammation and pain in the stomach and intestines, cystitis, colitis, as antispasmodic agent, insomnia, headache, hysteria; externally for making poultices for wounds and boils, hemorrhoids, sores in the mouth, gargle for sore throat, toothache, tonsillitis.

Use: 3 cups of tea per day. Decoction for gargle and inhalation, compresses for wounds.

Preparation: 2 teaspoons flowers poured with 1/4 l. Of boiling water, soak 10 minutes. A small handful brewed with 1 liter of hot water (for gargling).

Note: The herb is not boiled and it should be drink in the form of infusions or cold extract. Drinks at once because hamazulen (giving anti-inflammatory effect) decomposes rapidly in water.

Ingredients: chamomile flower (100%)

bag 50 g

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