Slivenska Perla Rakia Grape Brandy

  • Vini Sliven
  • Brands  Vini Sliven
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  • Product Code:  296-01
  • Weight: 3 lb
  • SKU: 3800003410946
  • Origin Bulgaria
  • Size 750ml
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Slivenska Perla Rakia 750ml - The grape brandy "Sliven Pearl" is produced from the aromatic grape varieties "Muscat Otonel", "Perla" and "Tamyanka", widely distributed in the region of Sliven, Bulgaria. It is produced by a special technology, traditional for Vini - Sliven, which guarantees quality consistency. Before bottling, it matures for a period of 1 year. Due to its soft and harmonious taste, the specific delicate and delicate aroma typical of the varieties used, the grape brandy "Sliven Pearl" is a beverage with an established reputation.

Origin Bulgaria
Size 750ml

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